From farm to plate, ISO standards make food safe

Do you know how safe is your plate?

Everyday, food moves from country to country, as it is produced and then consumed. This can make food vulnerable to contamination and other hazards, so how can we have confidence in the products we eat and drink?

This year’s World Health Day focuses on food safety. To celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of food standards ISO is launching a social media campaign.

From April 7, discover the ISO campaign through its six posters on food safety.


ISO Standards promote the quality and safety of food, as well as the efficiency of the food supply chain from farm to fork and help prevent diseases, detect bacteria and manage risk.

From agricultural producers to food manufacturers, laboratories, regulators, consumers, a collection of ISO standards ensure the world uses the same recipe when it comes to food quality, safety and efficiency.

Working through its network of national members, ISO standards bring together the foremost expertise and best practices on food safety in the world and disseminate it to both developed and developing countries.

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